Power Amp with SoundID

If you use Power Amp app this article will help you set it up, so it's ready to work with SoundID app.



Power Amp Settings



  1. Launch Power Amp
  2. Tap on Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks
  3. Enable MusicFx












Power Amp EQ 



  1. From Power Amp main screen tap EQ (option at the bottom)
  2. Select middle option (volume knob icon)
  3. Tap to enable MusicFX
  4. Return to Power Amp main screen











If you're still not seeing Power Amp being used by SoundID, please try the following steps:



  1. Close both SoundID and Power Amp. Make sure apps are not running in the background
  2. Launch SoundID and double-check the Music Apps Beta feature as it has to be enabled
  3. Launch Power Amp and play a track
  4. Swipe-down from the top of your screen to preview the app drawer
  5. Check SoundID notification status






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