Educational discount program



How are EDU product licenses different from regular licenses?

  • Educational product licenses are identical to regular SoundID Reference product licenses in terms of functionality
  • Educational product licenses can be activated and used on a single computer only (regular licenses can be activated and used on 3 computers).


IMPORTANT! If you've bought an educational license before the November of 2019, please submit a support ticket as the educational upgrades might not directly work with your version of the software.


Available EDU products

If you're looking to buy/upgrade, check the EDU product list, or check compatible upgrade path, visit the following pages:


How to apply?

  1. To apply, go to our EDU program site here
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Submit the form for a review
  • Note that the required image uploads for student/teacher IDs cannot exceed 2 MB each

Your application will be reviewed by our staff, and you will receive a conclusive response within three business days.


IMPORTANT! Make sure to check your email spam filters - it is very common for our response to the application to end up in your inbox spam folder!


Bulk license deals for educational institutions

If you are an educator and you're interested in providing your students with Sonarworks software or equipping your institution with the software, simply send us a message here including this information:

  • The name of your institution
  • How can Sonarworks help your program
  • How many licenses are needed


More information on our EDU site

  • Educational pricing for Students and Teachers
  • Educators already using Sonarworks
  • Sonarworks and the Ableton Certification program
  • Answers to frequently asked questions


If you require additional assistance you can reach out to support by submitting a support request below.

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