Creating a new Sonarworks user account

What's new in the user account system

With the release of the SoundID Reference software, we have revised the user account system. Here's what you can now do in your user account:

  • Register your Sonarworks products (Reference 3 or 4, SoundID Reference, etc.)
  • Activate your SoundID Reference software via online authorization
  • View compatible upgrades with your existing products and upgrade your license
  • Manage your active devices and deactivate any unused devices for a license transfer
  • Use social login options for quick access


Creating an account

  1. First, check for an existing account - if you've created an account in the past, your previous log-in details should work fine, and registering again is not necessary
  2. Launch SoundID Reference and click on the 'Sign up' button
  3. Input your details and click on 'Create free account' to continue
  4. A verification email from Sonarworks Accounts will be sent to your email address
  5. Open the email received and verify your email address. You will be redirected to your User Account and prompted to launch SoundID Reference. 


Go back to the Sonarworks website anytime and use your created login to access your account!


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