How to upgrade your Sonarworks license

If you're a new user or don't have an account with us, please make sure to register your Sonarworks Account.

IMPORTANT! Before upgrading to SoundID Reference, make sure to register your existing Reference 4 or Reference 3 product license first! If you are unable to find your original license, here are some tips to help you: Where do I find my activation key?


Upgrade process:

  1. Log in to your User Account


  2. If your license can be upgraded you will see an 'Upgrade to SoundID Reference' button under your product license. Click on the 'Upgrade' button and proceed below.
  3. Enter your upgrade code into the 'Apply upgrade code' section and click on the 'Upgrade' button to apply. If you are unable to locate an upgrade code that was purchased in Sonarworks Store, please check this help article - Where do I find my upgrade code


  4. If the upgrade was successful the following notification will appear at the top of the browser page:


    Now you can activate your license on the currently used device by clicking on the 'Activate on this device' button. More details here - How to activate SoundID Reference.
  • IMPORTANT! If the 'Upgrade' button is not available (not showing up), this means that the given license has already been used for an upgrade!


Upgrade options

If you're not sure which upgrade is right for you, please check our available upgrade options and pricing details - Upgrade information.


Educational upgrades

Please visit this help article for more details on our Educational discount program. Educational licenses bought from the Sonarworks store starting from November 14th of 2019 can also be upgraded to acquire an EDU license of SoundID Reference. However, educational licenses purchased from our retailers within this period cannot be upgraded.

If you require additional assistance you can reach out to support by submitting a support request below.

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