SoundID Reference app not launching after update

IMPORTANT! If you have updated to the latest SoundID Reference version (released Sep 28) and the SoundID Reference app is no longer launching, this may be connected to the ASIO drivers installed on your computer. Please quit SoundID Reference from the tray icon, and create a blacklist file.

The instructions on how to blacklist the drivers can be found here. Once done, try launching the application one more time.

UPDATE! The issue described above should be resolved with the update, download here.



Resolving issues with SoundID Reference app not launching

In case you are experiencing issues with the new update after installation, please quit SoundID Reference from the tray icon and then find and delete the Systemwide folder. You can find it by accessing the following hidden folders in your OS:



Macintosh HD/Users/%your_username%/Library/Sonarworks/SoundID Reference


To access this folder, you can:

  • Make macOS hidden files visible by pressing Command + Shift + . (Dot) simultaneously in Finder. Locate the Users/Library manually from the Finder app. Press the key combination mentioned above again to hide the files.


  • While in Finder -> select Go - Go to Folder and type the following:
~/Library/Sonarworks/SoundID Reference/Systemwide






C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Sonarworks\SoundID Reference

​Hidden folders like AppData can be made visible by checking the Hidden Items box in the Windows Explorer View tab:



Alternatively, you can type in

%localappdata%/sonarworks/SoundID Reference

into the Windows Explorer address bar and press Enter key:





After deleting the Systemwide folder, relaunch SoundID Reference and verify if SoundID Reference is working as intended. Many thanks!