Unwarranted render-bypass warning in DAW with SoundID Reference plugin

Issue resolved
Resolution version: 5.2.2 - Download Center
Resolution date: 21/02/22 - Release Notes

VST3, Cubase, and Studio One users: please read below.


Unwarranted render-bypass warning

In this article, we will address the known issue of an unwarranted render bypass warning popup. The problem is that when you export the mix, the plugin is disabled but a notification pop-up is appearing. Potential causes are elaborated on further down. These are: 

  • The plugin is loaded on the Listen Bus or Control Room instead of the Master Bus
  • Using the VST3 instead of VST2 or AU plugin

This may occur under different circumstances on different DAWs. Read below how to approach this. 




  1. Click on the three dots to open a menu (top-right corner)
  2. Untick the "Notify me when rendering" checkbox



Important for Cubase and Studio One users! Both Control Room (Cubase) and Listen Bus (Studio One) interfere with the SoundID Reference plugin's ability to read the render process data correctly. Thus, an unwarranted render-bypass dialog is expected, when using these features.

We recommend switching off the render-bypass warning feature in this scenario, as the calibration will not be applied to the rendered mix and a warning is unnecessary. Alternatively, the plugin can be added to the regular Master section. In this way, the feature works correctly. 


Important for VST3 users! The process we depend on in order to read the render process data correctly is not available with DAW + VST3. We do not receive a parameter update and therefore the VST3 plugin is unable to notify correctly. Please disable the feature when using VST3, while remembering to bypass it when rendering. Alternatively, use VST2 instead. 


For more information on the feature itself, read more here: Render-bypass notification


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