SoundID Reference plugin doesn't show up in Logic Pro X

The two main reasons for the SoundID Reference plugin not showing up in Logic, and how to fix them


  • Logic Pro requires a full Mac reboot to detect the plugin. Make sure you have restarted your Mac after the software installation
  • SoundID Reference plugin will only show up and be available to load on a stereo channel. Make sure you're applying the plugin on your master output channel and that it is running in stereo mode (see the picture below). 



Rescan the plugin

If the tips above don't solve the issue, try the following procedure in order for the plugin to be rescanned:

  1. Run the AU Manager from within Logic: go to Logic Pro X > Preferences> Plug-in Manager
  2. Locate the file in this location:
  3. Move the file to the trash and empty the trash bin.
  4. Restart Logic Pro X - this will initiate a fresh scan of any installed Audio Units and the plugin should now appear in the Audio Units list in Logic Pro


An alternative way to rescan the plugin

  1. Go to the following location on your Mac and locate the SoundID Reference AU plugin:
    Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components
  2. If you can see the SoundID Reference AU Plugin.component plugin file in the list of Audio Units, select the file and move it to your Desktop:_DAW__SoundID_Reference_AU_plugin.png
  3. Restart your Mac and launch Logic Pro, then shut down Logic Pro again and move the Reference Audio Unit (which was moved to the Desktop) back into its original location:
    HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components folder
  4. Relaunch Logic Pro again - the plugin should now appear in the Audio Units list