SoundID Reference plugin not showing up in Pro Tools [WIN]

IMPORTANT UPDATE: issue fixed!

The issue described below has been definitively fixed with our latest update for SoundID Reference! Download and install here!


What's the issue?

We have found a flaw in our plugin naming scheme on Windows, causing the AAX plugin format to not show up in Pro Tools. 

To be more exact, the folder containing the AAX plugin file has too many symbols and features a version number in its title, which changes with every update. This is causing Pro Tools to not recognize the plugin, thus it's possible that the plugin won't show up in Pro Tools. The issue is still under investigation and it's possible that other DAW's / SoundID Reference VST plugin format is also affected.

This has been escalated and a fix will be released in an update soon!


How to fix this:

Until an update is released with a solution, please shorten the AAX plugin folder's name or the VST plugin file name. See the exact plugin file locations and the corrected names below:


VST plugin file location and a corrected name: 

C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\SoundID Reference x64.dll


AAX plugin folder location and a corrected name: 

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\SoundID Reference.aaxplugin






Stay tuned, a fix for this will be released soon! If the plugin still doesn't show up after employing the workaround above, please submit a support request and we'll have a closer look at the problem.