Using third-party measurement microphones


Using other measurement microphones

Yes, you can use a different measurement microphone, as long it is an actual measurement microphone by kind (this should be specified in the user manual of your mic), with omnidirectional capability.

It is possible to use ARC, ECM8000, EMM-6 and other measurement mics, just keep in mind that for accurate results we highly recommend using a microphone with available individual calibration data. Note that we will not be able to consult the calibration outcome if you are using a third party-measurement mic (not SoundID Reference Measurement Microphone).

IMPORTANT! We cannot provide calibration files for third-party microphones, please contact the manufacturer of the microphone for more information.


Microphone calibration file

ARC and ECM8000, generally aren't sold with individual calibration, so they are not best for precise measurements (usually problems are with frequencies above 8 kHz), but they will get the job done to some extent and provide you with a good trial of what SoundID Reference is capable of. EMM-6 has individual mic calibration files are available here. Note that is just a friendly tip: links to third-party products/features and the information on them are subject to be outdated.


Modifying your third-party mic calibration file for compatibility

If you have your microphone's frequency response data, you should be able to use it in SoundID Reference, however, you will first have to modify it to be compatible with Sonarworks software. See detailed instructions in this article.


USB mics are not supported!

IMPORTANT! Please note, that USB measurement microphones are not supported and will not work correctly with the measurement software due to clocking issues. To clarify, these clocking issues are unavoidable and cannot be resolved by any clock-matching workarounds. In other words, our support team will not be able to help you with this.

USB mics are simply not supported. We might develop support for USB mics at some point in the future but currently, there is no ETA available on this.