Custom Target

Custom Target mode in SoundID Reference

From now on, you can make custom adjustments to the target curve in real-time. Depending on your individual situation, there might be times where you want to make a slight adjustment to the flat target curve delivered by SoundID SR technology to add a little notch here or there. Now, this is something you can do in SoundID Reference. Let's say, you only need to adjust just the bass frequencies of your system. With Custom target, you can now manually select the frequency range that the calibration will be applied on. The flat sound as delivered by SoundID SR technology is still the sound to ensure consistent, reliable reference sound across different devices, rooms & users. However, now you have the power to make it work best for your specific situation.


How does it work?

SoundID Reference application and the plugin will allow users to finetune the sound they want. This is provided by real-time custom target curve adjustment feature using:

  • A parametric EQ for target curve adjustment
  • A calibration frequency range adjustment

Parametric EQ for target curve adjustment

You now have the ability to create bell and/or shelf filters and adjust Q values to boost or cut specific frequencies. While you're in the Custom target mode filter values can be changed by either dragging the points or by manually turning the frequency or gain knobs.


Multiple filters can be combined to create a custom EQ preset according to what your needs are. The EQ presets can be renamed, duplicated, or deleted.


Calibration frequency range adjustment

If needed, you can adjust the frequency range of the calibration. Calibration will only be applied within the active frequency range. This can be done by moving the two curtain sliders from the sides of the frequency graph.

  • Limit high-frequency calibration (right-slider)
  • Limit low-frequency calibration (left-slider)
  • Limit the mid-range calibration by flipping the active calibration zone


The calibration range can be used in combination with the parametric EQ adjustments to the target curve.


How to turn off Custom Target?

To turn off the Custom Target feature, simply switch back to Flat Target instead. Learn more about different target modes and how to switch between them here: Calibration target modes

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