Setting up on Headphones

SoundID Reference app

SoundID Reference app lets you calibrate all your system audio by applying a frequency response calibration profile to speakers and headphones. This article will look at how to set up the SoundID Reference app with your headphones. If you are having trouble with activating your license, please refer to this article. If you would like to set up calibration for your speakers, please click here


Setting up your output devices. 

To start using the SoundID Reference app with your headphones, first set up a preferred output device. It can be your built-in headphone port, an audio interface/DAC device, etc.

  1. Click on Add new output in the left sidebar to open a selection of available devices
  2. Choose the device which you're going to be using with your speakers or headphones
  3. Select the output channels of your selected device and test if the audio is passing through by clicking Play a test tone. When ready, click the Add output button on the bottom of the panel




Loading your headphone calibration profile

Headphone calibration profiles are pre-made and readily available in SoundID Reference (all editions). We have measured and averaged close to 300 headphone models. See the full list of supported headphones here or simply start a free trial to view what's available.

  1. Click on Select your calibration profile at the top of the app
  2. Select Add headphones to search for your headphone model
  3. Select one of our averaged pre-made profiles (AVG profile) for your headphone model
  4. For individually calibrated headphones (IHC profile), select Individual calibration and enter your calibration ID. See detailed instructions for IHC here



The latest version of SoundID Reference also gives you access to mode selection. If your headphones support additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Active Noise Cancelation (ANC), Ambient mode, etc. you can now select your current headphone mode while choosing a preset in SoundID Reference. This will load the average profile that has been measured with a dedicated headphone feature on/off. 


Once you have loaded your headphone profile, you can start using the app with your headphones. All outgoing system audio is now being calibrated. 

To have a quick in-app guide of the new features, you can click on the See what's new button in the center (or access it later from the Menu icon).


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