Setting up with Individual Headphone Calibration

In SoundID Reference, the headphone profile setup is done by selecting your calibration profile. Once you have added your output device, you have the ability to add/assign your Individual Headphone Calibration (IHC) profile. 


Adding a new output for your IHC profile

  1. Click Add new output
  2. Choose your output from the list
  3. Click on the Add output button



Proceed to add your IHC - enter your calibration profile ID

The calibration ID can be found on a label on your headphones. SoundID Reference will automatically load your IHC from our database and assign it as a preset:

  1. Click on Select your calibration profile
  2. Add headphones
  3. Individual Calibration
  4. Input your unique calibration ID
  5. Add Headphones





Setting up IHC in SoundID Reference DAW plugin

Adding your individual calibration profile in the SoundID Reference plugin differs from SoundID Reference. In the top section of the plugin click on the Select your calibration profile and select Add Headphones:

  1. Click on the Select your calibration profile
  2. Add headphones
  3. Select to Open Reference from the notification


You will be notified to open SoundID Reference. Click on the Open Reference button. This will bring back SoundID Reference. Click on the Individual calibration option located at the bottom-left corner. 




After you click on the Open Reference option, you'll be presented with the selection of headphone profiles as described in the instructions in the first two sections of this article. From there it's much the same as in SoundID Reference, with the exception of when you'll click on Add Headphones after entering the Calibration ID, you'll be returned to the plugin, with the profile loaded in it.


If you have any difficulties or experience an issue, please submit a support request!