Presets in SoundID Reference DAW plugin

Now you can create and save presets right in the SoundID Reference plugin! This feature will make switching between various headphones and speaker profiles easier as you will be able to customize and save each preset as necessary for mixing right in your DAW. Have you favorite headphone calibration profile combined with a car translation check or have your favorite speaker profile configured with boosted lower frequencies - toggle between complex configurations with just one click!

What is a preset?

A preset is a combination of a headphone calibration profile or speaker measurement profile saved with individual DSP settings (Limit Control, Filter Mode, etc.). If you are using multiple headphones and speakers, you can create individual configurations for your calibration profiles and switch easily between various presets.

Benefits of presets in the plugin:

  • Create presets using headphone calibration profiles or your measured speaker profiles
  • Effortlessly switch between multiple presets and save them for further use
  • Individual DSP settings are automatically saved in each preset 
  • Settings saved between various DAWs and plugin formats (VST, AU, etc.) on the same device
  • Rename the presets to your preference


Add a calibration profile

For setting up with the plugin, please take a look at our Setting up with SoundID Reference DAW plugin article.
To create a preset, you will have to add a headphone calibration or speaker calibration profile. We have a library of almost 300 headphone calibration profiles from which you can select your headphones or you can upload your measured speaker profile. If you haven’t yet measured your speakers, take a look at our Setting up with speaker calibration guide. Once a speaker profile has been created, you will be able to create presets with it.


Assign your go-to settings

After adding your calibration profile, the preset can have its own custom configuration set by using the available DSP settings such as Flat and Custom Target, Translation Check, Safe Headroom, Filter Mode, and Limit Control. These custom configurations will be saved in each preset and will be available during your DAW sessions and between restarts.

As long as a certain preset is selected, all settings you configure will be automatically saved. This configuration will also be saved when working between different DAWs and between VST/AU too. For example, if a preset is made in the AU plugin in Ableton, it will show up with the same settings in the VST plugin in Reaper.


Known preset issues

We are investigating an issue with preset settings not saving between device reboots for some users. This means that custom configurations for presets may have to be adjusted after restarting your device. If you are experiencing this issue or any other problem, please do not hesitate to contact our support by submitting a support ticket below.

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