License management in the Sonarworks Account

Register a Sonarworks Account

You can easily manage your licenses and active devices yourself with our user account system! Registering your license in the user account system is also a great way of making sure you never lose your activation key. To take advantage of this, register a new user account

IMPORTANT! Purchasing or activating the software does not generate a user account automatically. If you're trying to log in and your email address is not being recognized, you likely haven't created a user account yet.



Register your product license

Once you have registered an account and verified your email address, proceed to the Register your license option and add your Reference 4 activation key.

IMPORTANT! Only permanent Reference 4 license activation keys are supported in the user account system.


Transferring your license to a new computer

All regular Reference 4 licenses can be activated and used on 3 computers. EDU licenses (if you've applied and purchased with an educational discount) can only be used on 1 computer.

If you have reached the limit and need to transfer your license to a new computer, you will first need to deactivate the device that's no longer going to be used:


  1. Go to the Licenses section in your user account
  2. Deactivate the device you're no longer going to be using
  3. Proceed to activate the license on your new computer



Deactivation limits

There is a deactivation limit in place in order for the system not to be abused: 7 deactivation events. When the limit is reached it will show up in your user account. After that, any further device deactivation can only be done by our support team manually (submit a support request below).

IMPORTANT! Reinstalling the operating system on your machine or replacing major hardware components (motherboard, hard drive, etc.) can cause it to be recognized as a new computer by the software. Thus, it will require to be activated again, using a new activation seat.