ASIO/WASAPI output modes in Reference 4 Systemwide [WIN]

Selecting the driver output mode

The latest 4.4 Systemwide update introduces ASIO support to benefit users with ASIO-exclusive devices like AVID HDX, for example. Previously limited to DAW use only, ASIO support in Systemwide will now allow ASIO-exclusive devices to be used with your entire Windows system with calibration!




ASIO mode is available in Systemwide Audio Settings and you can relaunch Systemwide in ASIO or Wasapi mode at any given time. There are some key differences with Systemwide in ASIO mode:

  • User presets created in ASIO mode will not be available in WASAPI mode (and vice versa). So if you wish to use the same output configuration in both output modes, a preset has to be created for each mode
  • A new 'ASIO control panel' option is available - this will open the devices' ASIO driver settings
  • Only ASIO-capable devices will show up as available output options
  • Sample Rate and Buffer Size settings in Systemwide will now control the respective settings in the currently assigned devices ASIO control panel (as opposed WASAPI mode, where Systemwide adjusts itself to the chosen audio interfaces' driver configuration instead)
  • 'Adjust output device gain' and 'Keep Systemwide the default output device' automation features are unavailable since we cannot access those in ASIO.
  • ASIO mode will reduce latency significantly due to bypassing Windows audio engine. 

Systemwide use in DAW is also now possible with ASIO-exclusive devices like AVID HDX. However, note that the new feature is not a full ASIO driver, but rather a part of the signal chain only. Systemwide is still running its Wasapi driver in the first part of the signal chain - only the last section of the signal chain is cut off to access the given output devices' ASIO driver directly in Systemwide ASIO mode. Meaning, ASIO mode or Wasapi mode in Systemwide doesn't change its relationship with DAW - you will still need to run DAW (or any other advanced audio software) in Wasapi or DirectSound to be able to use Systemwide as DAW output. For a better understanding of how the new ASIO mode fits into the signal chain, see the chart below:


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