Registering a Sonarworks product license

How to register a product license in your user account

  1. Log into your user account, or create a new account if you haven't registered before
  2. Click on the 'Register your license' button
  3. Enter your license activation key (a 24-character key, received after purchasing the product)
  4. If you own multiple products, you can always register them by clicking on 'Add a new license'




Important to know

  • License activation keys and license upgrade codes are not the same. A license upgrade can only be performed by applying an upgrade code on an already registered license (register an activation key first, then add an upgrade code)
  • Only full product licenses (Reference 4, SoundID Reference, etc.) can be registered in the user account system - legacy trial and time-limited licenses are not supported
  • Reference 4 (or older) activation process is different from the SoundID Reference activation process!

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