Reference 4 driver install workaround for Windows 11

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As we have stated before, currently Reference 4 is unfortunately not compatible with Windows 11 and requires a driver reinstall. Please take a look at our official statement here: Windows 11 compatibility Reference 4. In this article, we will show a potential workaround to make Reference 4 work on your Windows 11 machine.



  1. Quit Reference 4
  2. Open the Device Manager, under "Sound, video and games controllers", uninstall the "Sonarworks Virtual Audio Device


  3. In the menu bar, click "Action" -> "Add legacy hardware"


  4. Click "Next


  5. Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list
  6. Select "Sound, video and game controllers"

  7. Click "Have Disk..." button


  8. Click "Browse" and select C:\Program Files\Sonarworks\Reference4\Systemwide\Winx64, click "OK" and the Sonarworks Virtual Audio Device should appear in the list


  9. Click "Next" -> "Next" -> "Finish"
  10. Launch Reference 4 and observe the behavior.

Please note that these steps might have to be followed after each computer reboot. 


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