Reference 4 Systemwide doesn't launch after update

Resolving the settings migration issue

Systemwide not launching after an update is an issue that can happen on both macOS and Windows operating systems. Usually, it is caused by settings that can't be migrated between the old and the new Systemwide version.

To solve the problem please find and delete the Systemwidecfg.db file in the following location:

Windows: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Sonarworks\Reference 4\Systemwide\Systemwidecfg.db


macOS: ~/Library/Sonarworks/Reference 4/Systemwide/Systemwidecfg.db


Please note that both the AppData folder on Windows and User Library folder on Mac are hidden by default.

Once you find the file, remove it from the folder or delete it. Systemwide should launch after this action. If something is still not working as it should, please submit a support request below!

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