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License & Account | License Activation
Where do I find my upgrade code?
Upgrade codesIf you purchase Sonarworks software upgrade product directly from the Sonarworks Store, your license upgrade code (see the example below) will be d...
License & Account | License Activation
How to upgrade your Sonarworks license
If you're a new user or don't have an account with us, please make sure to register your Sonarworks Account.IMPORTANT! Before upgrading to SoundID Reference, ma...
License & Account | License Activation
How to upgrade SoundID Reference for Headphones to Speakers and Headphones
 This article will explain how to upgrade your SoundID Reference for Headphones license to a SoundID Reference for Speakers & Headphones to allow you to cal...
Orders & Store | FAQ
Is there a Free Upgrade (Grace Period) available for recent Reference 4 purchases?
What is SoundID Reference?SoundID Reference is the successor to Reference 4, and it's available to all Reference 4 and Reference 3 users.  Is this a free or pai...
License & Account | FAQ
Do I need a user account, how to set it up?
Yes, a user account will enable you to:Register your license activation keyActivate your licenseApply license upgrades and check for available upgradesManage yo...
License & Account | User Account
Creating a new Sonarworks user account
What's new in the user account systemWith the release of the SoundID Reference software, we have revised the user account system. Here's what you can now do in...
License & Account | License Activation
Registering a Sonarworks product license
How to register a product license in your user accountLog into your user account, or create a new account if you haven't registered beforeClick on the 'Register...
Orders & Store | Products & Services
Educational discount program
 How are EDU product licenses different from regular licenses?Educational product licenses are identical to regular SoundID Reference product licenses in terms...
License & Account | License Activation
Where do I find my activation key?
License activation keysIf you purchase Sonarworks software directly from the Sonarworks Store, your license activation key (see the example below) will be deliv...
Orders & Store | Products & Services
Payment review / Payment options
The checkout process can be finalized by choosing one of Sonarworks' provided payment options that we support - PayPal and/or Mondido payments. After the paymen...
10 results found