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Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference DAW plugin
Logic Pro fails the AU plugin validation with SoundID Reference 5.1.0 update: fix instructions [MAC]
Important update - issue fixed [06.10.2021]! This issue has been fixed and is already available in the new update! Download and install the update here...
Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference app
SoundID Reference app not launching after update
IMPORTANT! If you have updated to the latest SoundID Reference version (released Sep 28) and the SoundID Reference app is no longer launching, this may...
Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference app
Audio artifacts with Safari 14.1
IMPORTANT UPDATE! Issue fixed for SoundID Reference with the 5.0.2 update (released on June 10th, download here). Issue still present in Reference 4 - a fix upd...
Troubleshooting | Speaker Measurements
Measure app crash in SoundID Reference 5.1.1 - fix instructions [WIN]
Measure app crashes after the 5.1.1 updateWith our latest update release (and possibly version 5.1.0 before that), some users might be encountering a M...
Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference DAW plugin
SoundID Reference plugin not showing up in Pro Tools [WIN]
IMPORTANT UPDATE: issue fixed!The issue described below has been definitively fixed with our latest update for SoundID Reference! Download and install...
Troubleshooting | FAQ
SoundID Reference Beta software releases
Current release version: Beta version: (features a fix for a Measure app crash on Windows; more info here) Beta update releases - what...
Using SoundID Reference | FAQ
Windows 11 compatibility with SoundID Reference
Is SoundID Reference supported on Windows 11?No, currently SoundID Reference is not supported on Windows 11.  Will it be supported? Yes, full support for SoundI...
License & Account | User Account
How to change your user account email address
If needed your email address linked to your Sonarworks user account can be changed to a new one. Perhaps, you are looking to delete the old email in use or upda...
Using SoundID Reference | Using SoundID Reference app
SoundID Reference microphone access requirement in Accessibility preferences [MAC]
On macOS 10.14 Mojave and later, all audio applications must be given permission to access audio inputs. When opening the SoundID Reference app for the first ti...
Using SoundID Reference | Using SoundID Reference app
Headphone calibration selection wizard
 SoundID Reference has an updated and rebuilt selection wizard which has become more informative and user-friendly.Intuitive design (Brand > Model > Prese...
License & Account | User Account
How to reset your user account password
If you're looking to change your password to a new one due to safety reasons or you might have a habit of updating your passwords every month or so, please foll...
Orders & Store | Shipping & Customs
Shipping & Delivery
Shipping All of the physical orders are shipped out from the Sonarworks warehouse that is located in Riga, Latvia.Our address: Sonarworks Ltd., Smerla street 3,...
Using SoundID Reference | FAQ
What's new in SoundID Reference?
SoundID Reference comes packed with new features. Some of them are visible from the very first minute others silently work in the background to provide you with...
Using SoundID Reference | FAQ
SoundID Reference integration with MERGING+ANUBIS interface
What is the Sonarworks integration with MERGING+ANUBIS about?Our partnership with Merging Technologies is a direct hardware integration for SoundID Reference ca...
Troubleshooting | Speaker Measurements
SoundID Reference speaker measurement troubleshooting guide
If you have landed on this article, chances are that you're getting stuck at some point during the speaker measurement process. A lot of hardware and software c...
15 results found