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Using SoundID Reference | Using SoundID Reference app
MIDI mapping in SoundID Reference app
SoundID Reference 5.0.3 reintroduces the MIDI mapping feature for the standalone calibration app which lets the user control the app via an external MIDI device...
Using SoundID Reference | FAQ
What’s the difference between app presets and plugin presets?
Now you can create presets in the SoundID Reference systemwide app and the DAW plugin as well. Create and use the presets to easily switch between complex confi...
Troubleshooting | FAQ
How to uninstall SoundID Reference (Mac)?
To uninstall the SoundID Reference app, first quit the app as shown in the screenshot below. Proceed by dragging files/applications to the Trash icon in Dock. A...
Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference app
No sound / no calibration effect [MAC]
More often than not the calibration effect will be at least quite noticeable if not dramatic. If you can't hear any change, this may indicate a fault in the aud...
Using SoundID Reference | Using SoundID Reference app
Custom Target
From now on, you can make custom adjustments to the target curve in real-time. Depending on your individual situation, there might be times where you want to ma...
Using SoundID Reference | Setting up with Speaker Calibration
Setting up with speaker calibration
Calibrating speakers with SoundID Reference is easy, but there are some key aspects to speaker calibration that you might want to be aware of. After installing...
Troubleshooting | Speaker Measurements
SoundID Reference speaker measurement troubleshooting guide
If you have landed on this article, chances are that you're getting stuck at some point during the speaker measurement process. A lot of hardware and software c...
7 results found