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Using SoundID Reference | Setting up with Speaker Calibration
Using third-party measurement microphones
Using other measurement microphonesYes, you can use a different measurement microphone, as long it is an actual measurement microphone by kind (this should be s...
Troubleshooting | Speaker Measurements
Why am I getting feedback when I'm trying to calibrate my speakers?
Before starting your measurements with the Reference 4 Measure app, it is important to make sure that your microphone input isn't routed directly to the audio d...
Using SoundID Reference | Setting up with Speaker Calibration
Using a third-party microphone calibration file
You can use a third-party mic calibration file if you have one available for you third-party microphone has one available. Remember though - only measurement mi...
Using SoundID Reference | FAQ
Does Sonarworks XREF 20 microphone requires phantom power?
SoundID Reference Measurement Mic is a condenser microphone and it requires phantom power to work. If you have switched the phantom power on but your microphone...
Troubleshooting | Speaker Measurements
"Microphone is out of measurement area" error during speaker measurements (jumping mic)
 If your microphone keeps sliding or simply cannot be placed in the measurement area (jumping mic on the screen issue), then this is most likely a sample drift...
Using SoundID Reference | Setting up with Speaker Calibration
Where can I download the calibration profile for my SoundID Reference microphone?
Microphone IDSoundID Reference Measurement Microphones are individually calibrated to exhibit neutral frequency response during the speaker measurement process....
Using SoundID Reference | Using SoundID Reference app
SoundID Reference microphone access requirement in Accessibility preferences [MAC]
On macOS 10.14 Mojave and later, all audio applications must be given permission to access audio inputs. When opening the SoundID Reference app for the first ti...
Troubleshooting | Speaker Measurements
SoundID Reference speaker measurement troubleshooting guide
If you have landed on this article, chances are that you're getting stuck at some point during the speaker measurement process. A lot of hardware and software c...
Using SoundID Reference | Setting up with Speaker Calibration
Setting up with speaker calibration
Calibrating speakers with SoundID Reference is easy, but there are some key aspects to speaker calibration that you might want to be aware of. After installing...
Using SoundID Reference | Using SoundID Reference app
Setting up with the SoundID Reference app
 Installing the SoundID Reference appThe main module of SoundID Reference products is the SoundID Reference app. It is used for logging into your user account,...
Orders & Store | Products & Services
Individual Headphone Calibration
What is the difference between average and individual headphone calibration (AVG and IHC)?With the average headphone calibration profiles (AVG) readily availabl...
11 results found