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Using SoundID | Music Playback
SoundID personalization for most popular Android music apps
Music Apps feature is targeted to provide you with a personalized music playback experience on the go with SoundID. New FeatureAn overwhelming amount of support...
Troubleshooting | SoundID mobile app
How to clear cache/data from SoundID app? [Android]
If you're having issues with the SoundID app on your Android device, we recommend clearing app cache and data, so the next time you use the app, it will downloa...
Using SoundID | FAQ
Which operating systems are supported?
SoundID application is supported by Android and iOS devices. Use the application to create your profile and begin your experience.  Google Play StoreAndroid 9.0...
Troubleshooting | Music Playback
My supported app does not work with SoundID
Supported apps?Not all music apps allow equalization and it depends on how the apps were built. If you're looking to find out which apps are being supported, pl...
Troubleshooting | SoundID mobile app
Firmware update process for DROP TWS1X and grell TWS/1
Firmware update processOnce you connect your headphones to the app a firmware update is offered. It is mandatory to do the firmware update in order to unlock So...
Using SoundID | Enabled Products
SoundID and Gateway
We have partnered up with Gateway to provide you with a SoundID experience on Gateway Devices.SoundID is available for download from Google Play Store and ready...
Using SoundID | Using SoundID
Individual Headphone Calibration support in SoundID
Can I use my Individually Calibrated Headphones with the SoundID app?Yes, if you own individually calibrated headphones by Sonarworks, the individual calibratio...
Using SoundID | Music Playback
Apps that support SoundID
Apps that support SoundIDIf you're wondering what apps support SoundID look no further as this article should provide you with all the necessary information. Ap...
Using SoundID | Music Playback
SoundID supported playback platforms
Using SoundID SoundID is a mobile app that lets you create a personalized sound profile. You can playback your favorite music while on the go and the SoundID ap...
Using SoundID | Music Playback
Apps that do not support SoundID
Apps that do not support SoundIDSome of the apps will not work with SoundID because of how the applications were developed. This article will provide you with a...
Using SoundID | Using SoundID
Getting Started with SoundID
If you're new to SoundID - our consumer product, this article will guide you through the initial steps and outline some of the features to maximize your SoundID...
11 results found