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Using SoundID Reference | Using SoundID Reference app
SoundID Reference compatibility with Apple M1 devices
Article updated:                  May 12, 2022Planned software update:  May 24, 2022 (Beta version available -  Is SoundID Reference compatible with...
Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference app
SoundID Reference driver not running on M1 process
Known issue Resolution version: To be disclosedResolution date: To be disclosedNote: This has not been fixed in the 5.3.1 release. Follow this article for updat...
Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference DAW plugin
Audio dropouts and CPU spike with DAW plugin on Apple M1 devices [MAC]
Fixed issue Resolution version: 5.3.1 Resolution date: 13/06/2022 Audio dropouts with the plugin on M1We are aware of an issue where some users experience audio...
Troubleshooting | FAQ
SoundID Reference installation issues on macOS
Note: If you're having difficulties installing the software on M1 click here. Installation failed messageIn macOS, when an app fails to install, it should appea...
Troubleshooting | SoundID Reference app
No sound / no calibration effect [MAC]
In the majority of cases, SoundID Reference malfunctioning in regards to the lack of sound or calibration effect is a result of either a poor setup or software...
5 results found