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Delivering reference sound you can trust in under 15 minutes!

The truth about studio speakers

You hear both your speakers and your room.

Most speakers do a decent job in a lab, but once you bring them into your room, things change. The sound you hear degrades due to room acoustics. Thus you miss critical details, and lose the ability to put your skills to their best use.

Frequency response graph of a popular speaker model in different environments.
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Sonarworks Reference 4 solves this problem of lost accuracy and makes translation to other systems much better. It is a software tool that combines a measurement software with calibration DAW plugin and Systemwide app. The DAW plugin and Systemwide app neutralises room influence.

Word from the industry

World class engineers rely on Sonarworks

Truly accurate monitoring, allowing you to be fully confident in your mixes. An absolute must have for the studio.
Smith Carlson Engineer and Producer
One Republic, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Beyonce
Sonarworks not only makes Sol Seven Mix & Audio Post's entire stereo/5.1/11.1 system perform better, it makes the films & music mixed at sound better. Our mixes translate perfectly to major theaters, Blu-Ray and HDTV as well.
Michael Lehmann Boddicker Composer, Musicia, Producer/Owner
Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Chicago
Bill Gould and I mixed the new Faith No More record, “Sol Invictus”, with the Sonarworks Studio Speaker Calibration software and are thrilled with the results. It’s the first time, in our 20 year history of working together, that we’re able to hear music so accurately.
Matt Wallace Producer and Mixing Engineer
Faith No More, Maroon 5, Train, Andy Grammer, Deftones
What an awesome tool for managing my playback options for monitoring! I am loving this.
Mark Needham Mixer, Producer and Engineer
11 Grammy nominations, The Killers, Pink, Shakira, Imagine Dragons, Chris Isaak

Benefits of speaker calibration

Think of Sonarworks Reference 4 as a
professional acoustician that tunes your studio.

Mixes that sound better and deliver more impact

Accurate sound from your studio monitors is of utmost importance for making the right mixing decisions. Reference 4 speaker calibration allows you to hear even the smallest detail with ear-opening accuracy. Eliminate guesswork.

Have full confidence in your results!

Stop questioning yourself and what you hear. The right EQs, the right compressor. Know that you have made the right decisions. You are in control.

Deliver amazing sounding mixes faster

If you can’t fully trust your studio sound,you have to rely on making many rounds to your car or your home hi-fi to triangulate your sound problem. Save time (and your face) solving this problem before you send your mixes to your client or supervisor. No more endless e-mails from band members with “voluntary-compulsory” suggestions.

Reference sound everywhere

Reference 4 Systemwide allows using calibrated sound for critical listening from any playback source. No more dragging files into your DAW project just to have a listen or figuring out how to check if your kick blasts as hard as the best of them on Soundcloud.

How it works

Reference 4.
Quick to set up, easy to use.


Measure your room

Measure the room acoustics following the simple step-by-step process in our software.


Enable calibration

Open the calibration profile in DAW plug-in or Systemwide.


Enjoy calibrated sound

Find out what you've been missing. Brag about it!


Exceptional sound delivered through unprecedented innovation.

Reference 4 is the most accurate tool on the market with groundbreaking patent-pending technologies.

The acoustic measurement of speakers involves a revolutionary measurement concept that calculates perceived acoustic power frequency response (PAPFR), and error-proof automatic microphone positioning system (AMPS).

In the press

A professional room tuning can cost hundreds up to thousands of dollars, while this simple-to-use tool from Sonarworks brings a high level of accuracy to your room for much less. I highly recommend this software as a finishing touch in any room.
Tape Op, August 20th
Sonarworks has really got a winner here, and I highly recommend checking it out, no matter what kind of system or room you have to work with.
Sonicscoop, November 5th
When switching between the two I noticed Reference 4 had a very well defined low end and upper mid range clarity. ARC 2 also brought a focus and clarity to the upper mids but didn’t quite refine the lows as well as Reference 4.
Pro Tools Expert, October 5th
All in all, Reference 4 is an excellent package that really delivers on its promise.
Music Radar, July 5th

Choose your product

Our software costs a fraction of an acoustic
treatment project by an expert.

And possibly less than upgrading to new monitor speakers.


Best suited for sound creation on headphones

$ 99
  • Y DAW plugin for headphones
  • Y Systemwide app for headphones

Studio Edition

Full package to work on headphones and speakers in your studio

$ 249
  • Y DAW plugin for headphones and speakers
  • Y Systemwide app for headphones and speakers
  • Y Measurement software for speakers

Premium Bundle

Reference 4 Studio Edition and amazing pre-calibrated Sennheiser HD650 headphones

Starting from $ 699
  • Y DAW plugin for headphones and speakers
  • Y Systemwide app for headphones
  • Y Measurement software for speakers
  • Y Pre-calibrated Sennheiser HD650