San Francisco, February 23, 2021 – Sonarworks, the company behind precision audio software used by Grammy-Award winning music creators in over 70,000 professional recording studios around the world, announces today the launch date for the all-new and improved speaker and headphone calibration software SoundID Reference (currently known as Sonarworks Reference 4). 

The digital launch event will introduce the new and long-awaited product features, improved user interface and will also reveal the story behind Sonarworks’ new brand identity. For Sonarworks, this is another significant milestone for its mission to change the power distribution in the sound value chain by putting both creators and listeners in the driver’s seat and eliminating the translation problem at its core.

On March 9th, 2021, SoundID Reference will launch in conjunction with a free all-day digital launch event where attendees can hear directly from Sonarworks co-founder Martins Popelis on how the company is planning to bring creators and listeners closer, view a detailed SoundID Reference product walk-through, attend multiple masterclass sessions from leading engineers and listen in on discussions with Grammy Award-winning producers and industry experts.  

Some speakers include: 

  • Koen Heldens, Multi-platinum Mixing Engineer
  • Warren Huart, Multi-Platinum Producer, Songwriter, and Mixer
  • Aamir Yaqub, Grammy-Winning Mixing Engineer and Producer
  • Kristin Chen, Director of Product at SoundCloud, focused on the creator to fan experience
  • Christopher Wray, Composer and Founder of In House Music + Sound 

The free digital launch event will be available to the public on March 9th and will kick off at 9AM PST. To sign-up for the event, visit

About Sonarworks:

Sonarworks is an award-winning audio technology innovator delivering an individually perfected sound experience to every music creator and lover. Sonarworks started off in the professional audio space in 2012. Its patented technologies are now used in more than 70,000 studios globally, including many Grammy-Award-winning engineers recording A-list stars (like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Adele, Coldplay, and more). After conducting the biggest consumer sound preference research ever, Sonarworks now is on the mission to put personal sound front row and center for every music listener world-wide. With its industry-leading SoundID audio personalization technology Sonarworks offers category excellence for data-driven machine learning technology integration into consumer electronics devices and music database platforms.