Great mixing and mastering engineers don’t typically start out wanting to specialize in mixing or mastering. We typically start out as musicians, songwriters, producers or DJs who realize that we are attracted to, and have a knack for the special left-brain/right-brain combination that marks a good engineer. We are currently in a revolution wherein most songwriters and producers are programming, performing and recording much of their own music, in their own studios. We are constantly mixing as we build our productions, and by the end of the production process the mix might be 80% or 90% finished, with only the final polish and ear-candy left for the “final mix.” Most of my mixing clients send me sessions and say “Don’t change anything, just finish the mix.” I know what they mean—the song is working and the balances are pretty much right, the mix just needs the energy, sparkle, punch, and clarity that finishes it off. Many of my mixing and mastering clients now regularly hire me to teach them more about my mixing tools and thought processes so that they can take productions closer than ever to being “finished mixes.”

This eBook covers many of the topics that I find most important to my writer/producer/programmer colleagues. I’m sure the contributors to this eBook, Barry Rudolph, Brad Pack, Eli Krantzberg and Tiki Horea, all have similar experiences with their clients and colleagues.