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Sound calibration software for audio

“A much needed new standard on headphone calibration and compatibility”

Rafa Sardina
Grammy-winning Producer and Engineer
12 Grammy awards, 35 nominations, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz

“Truly accurate monitoring, allowing you to be fully confident in your mixes. An absolute must have for the studio”

Rafa Sardina
Grammy-winning Producer and Engineer
12 Grammy awards, 35 nominations, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz

Reference 3 sound calibration products

Reference 3 Headphone calibration plugin

The first plug-in to enable music production on headphones with confidence. Now the sound of the of the music you create on calibrated headphones will sound equally great on uncalibrated speakers and headphones.

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Reference 3 Speaker calibration software

The most accurate speaker and room calibration software that delivers reference sound you can trust. Reference 3 speaker calibration allows you to hear the most delicate details with groundbreaking accuracy.

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13 Grammy awards

Endorsed by 13 Grammy winning
studio engineers

Sound on Sound
product of the year 2016

15 000

Professional sound
studios use Sonarworks

The result was huge, and massively for the better.
Attack Magazine, February 9th
Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software has not only upgraded my already brilliant KRK KNS8400 headphones but also given me back a workflow that for many years I wasn't comfortable using.
Pro Tools Expert, September 11th
The idea of making any pair of headphones flat and faithful is very appealing, especially for the price. And the fact that you can send in your headphones to have them measured pushes the concept even further.
Audiofanzine, June 17th
The Sonarworks Reference plug-in makes a difference that is out of all proportion to its modest price, and is capable of turning an unremarkable pair of headphones into a serious mix tool.
SoundOnSound, May 2015 Issue
Sonarworks has really got a winner here, and I highly recommend checking it out, no matter what kind of system or room you have to work with.
Sonicscoop, November 5th
When switching between the two I noticed Reference 3 had a very well defined low end and upper mid range clarity. ARC 2 also brought a focus and clarity to the upper mids but didn’t quite refine the lows as well as Reference 3.
Pro Tools Expert, October 5th
All in all, Reference 3 is an excellent package that really delivers on its promise.
Music Radar, July 5th
A professional room tuning can cost hundreds up to thousands of dollars, while this simple-to-use tool from Sonarworks brings a high level of accuracy to your room for much less. I highly recommend this software as a finishing touch in any room.
Tape Op, August 20th
Headphone plugin is a game changer for DJs and producers who produce on the road.
DJBOOTH, July 2017

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