Date of release: 25/06/2019


  • Fixed the issue of clicks and pops on Windows.
  • OSX: fixed a bug that only played audio to the first channel pair for multichannel devices.
  • Windows: fixed the issue of installation files missing.
  • OSX: fixed the issue of System sample rate not synchronizing with Systemwide sample rate, causing deadlocks and loss of audio when changing settings in Audio MIDI Settings or when opening DAWs with different sample rates.
  • Fixed the issue of Systemwide freezing when trying to close the app.
  • Fixed a bug in “Test output” button which froze the Settings view.
  • Sliders improved – Dry/Wet slider, Gain slider and Bass Tilt/Boost sliders can be set to a precise value by dragging them, clicking on them or scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • Implemented a simple survey for new users.
  • New and improved alerts when attaching new devices and other warnings. OSX: users informed about Microphone Access before the system asks for the permission.
  • Small improvements in new user onboarding process.
  • Shortcuts implemented:
    • Alt+Left click on Systemwide icon in Menu Bar / Tray Menu turns calibration on/off
    • Spacebar turns calibration on/off when Systemwide UI is open
    • Ctrl+, (Win) or Command+, (OSX) opens Settings when Systemwide UI is open
    • Escape closes Settings or License information views
  • Notifications and tray icon context menu supports Unicode characters
  • Other minor improvements in design and functionality


  • Fixed a bug that crashed DAWs when Reference Plugin is in a project and the internet connection is lost.
  • When launching Systemwide from Plugin, Systemwide will appear in front