Sonarworks is proud to sponsor the first Audio Engineering Society (AES) meeting in the Baltics where the Baltic Section of AES was established. Held earlier in June at the largest recording studio in the Baltics, Sound Division Studios, over 70 audio engineers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania attending the first meeting.

Speaking directly to Sonarworks on the importance of the section’s establishment, VP AES Central Europe region, Thomas Gorne said, “We have a lot of audio professionals and companies specifically in the digital industries here. Developments in the digital industry are made here so it’s quite necessary that AES is present in these countries.”

Speaking to the attendees, Rūdolfs Putniņš delivered Sonarworks’ research into external factor contribution in headphone frequency response anomalies – a topic at the heart of our vision. Using our analysis of over 700 headphone models and 170 smartphone devices, Putniņš spoke on the effect headphone and output impedance has on audio quality. “Generally, the outlook seems to be getting better with both pro and consumer audio moving towards headphone outputs with low output impedance,” Putniņš states. ”That being said, interface manufacturers should be more transparent with their hardware’s headphone output specs”.

The AES plays an important role in the advances in audio industry and ensures markets and companies develop their services and products towards standards. When discussing the future of  DSP technology, Thomas Gorne remarked, “Sonarworks should join the standards committees help develop the future standards, for example, room correction.”

Lee Chapman at Sonarworks said, “By partnering with the AES organisation on an international level, the future of audio quality standards, we’re proud to continue flying the flag for the advances in audio technology from Latvia. Following a great day with valuable shared knowledge, we’re now waiting for an official letter of the establishment of the AES Baltic Section”.

The next AES Baltic Section meeting is planned for October 2019.