After long weeks of measuring, testing and tweaking we’re releasing our biggest supported headphone update yet! With cans ranging from the noble-but-bright AKG K812 to everyman’s Beats now even more people can join the headphone revolution!

Here are the newcomers:

  • Audio-Technica ATH-R70x
  • AKG K812
  • Beyerdynamic DT1770
  • Beats Mixr
  • Beats Pro
  • Beats Solo 2
  • Beats Studio 2
  • Blue Lola
  • Blue Mo-Fi
  • Sennheiser HD202
  • Sennheiser HD25 Plus
  • Sennheiser HD25 light
  • Sennheiser HD380
  • Sennheiser HD700
  • Oppo PM-3
  • Philips SPH9500
  • Yamaha HPH-MT220

If you have these headphones, reactivate the plug-in and try out the new profiles! Maybe your friends use these? If so – they’ll want to hear about this!

P.S. You can get the new profiles by putting in the activation code in your plug-in one more time. Press the SW logo in the UI and select “Add new product” licence. Enter your activation key and plug-in will fetch the calibration profiles from our server!