On March 9, 2021 we launched our latest software update – SoundID Reference. Along revealing what’s new in the latest software version, we also were offering panel sessions with industry experts, Grammy Award-winning producers, engineers and inspiring creators. All sessions are now available on our YouTube channel and are listed here for your convenience. Hope you’ll enjoy the content we made available for free for all of you. Share in comments if you would like us to prepare more of such content and the topics you would like to see covered.

Opening Session: Maximizing Listener Experiences in the Age of Streaming Music

In this session we covered questions like:

  • What are some of the most interesting examples of artists connecting with audiences in new ways and formats in the past year
  • What digital platforms are doing well to enhance audience experiences and connection with artists, and what can still be improved
  • How much does sound quality matter to listeners and fans
  • How can artists be more successful in connecting with fans and are there any best practices we can learn from some of the biggest successes on modern digital platforms and more

Moderator: Justin Colletti, Mastering engineer, author and audio educator 


Martins Popelis, Co-founder and CPO, Sonarworks

Justin Gray, Songwriter, Record Producer, Music Executive and Tech Entrepreneur 

Kristin Chen, Director of Product, Creator to Fan, SoundCloud

Masterclass on Mixing Metal with Joel Wanasek

In his masterclass, Joel will break down the mix and go through some of the most important aspects and techniques when mixing metal. Song by Olly Steele, guitarist from the amazing metal band Monuments.

Presented by: Joel Wanasek, Music Entrepreneur, Producer, Mixer, Co-Founder of Unstoppable Recording Machine

Panel Session: 21st Century Film Scoring: The New Best Practices in Music for Picture

In this session we covered questions like:

  • Adapting to small rooms and remote work: How has creative environment changed in recent years, and how has it changed this past year?
  • How our speakers got into film scoring and if they started in another area of music production or creation first?
  • How would our experts recommend others look to enter this line of the work? Are there particular prerequisites or personality traits that are essential? What are the easiest ways in? What are the hardest?
  • Is it important to have a “niche”? And if so, how our experts are describing theirs?
  • Where does new business and new projects come from? And are there any places where our experts expanded their skillset or capabilities that paid off well?

Moderator: Justin Colletti, Mastering Engineer, Author and Audio Educator 


Jason Soudah, Composer, Songwriter, Vocalist, Mixer, Producer

Lolita Ritmanis, Emmy Award Winning Composer 

Christopher Wray, Composer and Founder of In House Music + Sound

Masterclass on Vocal Mixing & Techniques with Justine Blazer

In her masterclass Justine talks about how to work with an artist, how to prepare before the recording, what are the most important aspects to look at during the recording process and how is she putting together the mix with some of her favorite techniques and plugins. Song by wonderful Natalie Brady of The Voice Season 15.  

Presented by Justine Blazer, Producer, Singer, Songwriter

Special guest: Natalie Brady, Singer, Musician

Masterclass on Mixing Drums with Aamir Yaqub

In this masterclass Aamir is showing his approach to drum mixing – from how he’s establishing the foundation of the mix up to explaining why it’s important to honor the original sound of the artist in order to achieve the best possible result. For the mix breakdown Aamir took a song called Fire he mixed and mastered for an UK artist Lexie .

Presented by Aamir Yaqub, Grammy Award-Winning Mixing Engineer and Producer

Panel Session: From Abbey Road to YouTube:  How Audio Engineering Education is Changing 

Some of the questions covered during this session:

  • Can you learn audio engineering on YouTube and where do I start?
  • What should be the criteria to select the education content? 
  • Is the information out there reliable and mostly beneficial or it’s more like a different jungle you need to know how to navigate through? 
  • How often people are giving bad advice on YouTube / online mixing courses?
  • What are the most common mistakes of people learning from YouTube videos?
  • Are there instructors on YouTube or other channels that can be recommended?
  • With all this available content, is it still relevant to go formal education?

Moderator: Loic Maestracci, Music Expo Founder


Maria Elisa Ayerbe, Audio Engineer and Producer 

Warren Huart, Multi-Platinum Producer, Songwriter, and Mixer 

Eryck Bry, Producer, Recording, and Mixing Engineer 

Masterclass: Create Mixes that Translate with Koen Heldens

Presented by Koen Heldens, Multi-platinum Mixing Engineer

In this masterclass Koen will show the breakdown of a song by R&B artist Mario – Luxury Love. He walks through his mixing process and talks about the setup, practical techniques and favorite plugins he’s using to ensure the mix will translate well across different environments.

Playlist with all recording is available on our YouTube channel.