Here at Sonarworks we use more than 20 audio interfaces both for their intended use and QA testing, so we can bugfix faster. This guide is based on our experiences with a multitude of interfaces during the years. There are two reasons why an interface we’ve tried wouldn’t appear in our guide. The first is obvious – we haven’t used all of them. For example, PreSonus might make decent gear, but we haven’t used them so we better keep our mouths shut. The second reason is also logical – we won’t recommend interfaces which have failed us.

This guide will give you a basic overview on what makes a good audio interface and hopefully will make it easier to find your first audio interface. There are also some higher tier models featured which should make for an interesting 2nd opinion for more experienced engineers looking to upgrade.

So, take a look at our guide and I hope that it helps you make the right choice. Do comment, if you think something is dead wrong or maybe we’ve missed something!

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