Low frequencies provide the foundation, size, and create the power of a great mix. Many of us struggle to achieve what we feel is the perfect low-end. Great bottom is a combination of arrangement, production elements, and, of course, proper mixing technique. Regardless of the stage of production, though, we have to trust our monitors and have a sense of how low-end should sound and feel

The articles in this book guide you to the skills of creating accurate bass that transfers well to a wide range of listening situations, from headphones to car stereos to concert P.A. systems. I would also argue that spending a considerable amount of time listening to music on the system where you produce, mix, and master will bring you much closer to understanding how low-end sounds and feels. Learning how full your room or headphones feels seems elusive, but that is how everyone senses low-end, so you just need to train yourself to be aware of how much is too little and how much is too much.


The first section of this book focuses on getting your acoustics dialed in so that the bass you feel is accurate and the second part reviews some useful techniques to help nail the bottom down.